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Animation hopefuls/ students, listen up…

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18 9 / 2014


New images for the upcoming Asterix animated film “Le Domaine Des Dieux”  (The Mansions Of The Gods). 

A teaser trailer had been released, and a full trailer soon. The movie opens in France in December.

Source for the images (and more to be seen) : http://www.focusonanimation.com/fournee-douze-images-inedites-asterix-domaine-dieux-21643/

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Tell us a little about yourself. (We know there is more to people than being an animator.):
I’m a new junior animator at Nerd Corps Entertainment currently working on the show Max Steel. I’m a Canadian citizen that migrated from the Philippines at the age of 13. Animation wasn’t always my first…

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Ba Sing Se background designs in Book 3 of The Legend of Korra


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I happened across a few more entry-level job opportunities that some of the UK or Eastern Canadian folks might be interested in.

Junior Lighting Artist:

Junior Programmer

Rockstar North is the studio responsible for GTA. Rockstar Toronto and Rockstar London collaborated and helped support Rockstar North doing GTA V, mostly working on ports to other platforms. 

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3D Ladybug vs 2D Ladybug (ver. 2012) transformation

The Ladybug anime done by Toei Animation will launch as web-episodes in 2015 in addition to the release of the 26 episode 3D Ladybug series.

Adala-news (16 July 2014):

C’est par le biais de studio Zagtoon que nous apprenons la production d’un anime, Ladybug par le studio Toei Animation (saga One Piece, saga PreCure) !

Des web-épisodes en 2D (Toei Animation) sont prévus courant 2015, en France (internet & TV). Plus d’informations prochainement.

Et la série animée en 3D (26 épisodes – Method Animation & Zagtoon) est prévue pour Septembre 2015 sur TF1 en France & sur Disney Channel à l’international.

*This project is/was known also as Miraculous Ladybug

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Name: Daniel Klug

Tell us a little about yourself. (We know there is more to people than being an animator.):

Well, I’m more nerd than anything else - a child of the internet, video games, and Saturday morning cartoons. I love all forms of media and I have an unending thirst for storytelling…

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Animation Magazine:

“The Governors Awards allow us to reflect upon not the year in film, but the achievements of a lifetime,” said Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs. “We’re absolutely thrilled to honor these outstanding members of our global filmmaking community and look forward to celebrating with them in November.”

Miyazaki is an artist, writer, director, producer and three-time Oscar nominee in the Animated Feature Film category, winning in 2002 for Spirited Away. His other nominations were for Howl’s Moving Castle in 2005 and The Wind Rises last year. Miyazaki gained an enormous following in his native Japan for such features as Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service before breaking out internationally in the late 1990s with Princess Mononoke. He is the co-founder of Studio Ghibli, a renowned animation studio based in Tokyo.

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If you’re a professional animator, I would like to interview you.  As an animator waiting for her first big break, I think it would be inspiring and wonderful to hear about other animators’ personal journeys.  I think it would help inspire and motivate an entire community of animation students and freelancers.  

I would like to do at least one a week.  Would anyone like to volunteer to be interviewed?