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Can I do this?  Do I really have what it takes?  Why is this not doing what I want it to be doing?!  DEAR WALT, WHY?!

Oh.  Euler filter fixed it.  

I’m good now.

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Storyboards from Lilo & Stitch by Craig Grasso

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Big Hero 6 trailer EASTER EGG: Look who escaped from prison. [video]

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The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set!

I love this x1000

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More Ladybug storyboards from the LadyBug 'Making Of' video

Other storyboard gifs

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From the point of view of Pixar and Lucasfilm, the new Sony Animation studios presented a serious problem. As Pando previously reported, Pixar and Lucasfilm had a longstanding, secret agreement to control their computer specialists’ wages and mobility by not recruiting each other’s employees, and by agreeing not to “bid up” salary offers should an employee be considering both companies.

Now, thanks to court documents and confidential emails, we can reveal how the other animation giants failed to convince Sony to play ball with their cartel. Certainly it wasn’t for lack of effort.

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My Skydancer babies grew up bawwww I want to keep all of them but I need money to make my lair bigger also I have no idea how much to sell dragons for.

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Despite the surge in female protagonists in film and TV, the truth is women made up only 16% of employees on the top 250 films in 2013. Despite the depressing numbers, women are still making their mark. 

Carrie Tupper wrote a fantastic two-part article on The Mary Sue called The History of Women in Animation (which you can read here and here) and I illustrated here some of the amazing ladies mentioned there. 

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